© Filip Dujardin

© Filip Dujardin

© Filip Dujardin

Met dank aan © Wienerberger


Serra – Un Soggiorno Segreto, 2020

MARCH 2020.

Exhibitions are cancelled, teaching moves to the virtual world, projects are postponed. Anticipated adventures turned into disappointments.

Meanwhile, living and working from a compact flat in the centre of Ghent is proving increasingly difficult due to the suffocating measures in the city centre. We decide to move to an empty conservatory on the outskirts of Ghent and build a special place to work, relax, camp,… during the summer.

Meanwhile, the conservatory continues to grow into a meeting place where we make plans with fellow architects, makers, teachers, galleries, designers and visitors of all kinds. Its original function is also preserved, only it takes on a different form.

The greenhouse became more than an escape route for Covid. It raises questions and is critical of the city in lockdown. It invites to meet and work together. A work in progress where experimentation is allowed without an explicit final goal.


2021.04.22 – DOMUS Link
“A vacant glasshouse converted by a young Belgian collective carries a strong message: to resist the drive of building speculation.”

2021.02.11  – A-Plus Link
“De kracht van een lichtgewicht”


2020.09 – 2020.12 – Fieldstation Studio, Luxury & Precarity, 2021 Link
KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture in Ghent
Initiated by Corneel Cannaerts & Michiel Helbig.

a selection of works by:

Michiel Swerts Link
David Van Oostende & Enrico Pavone Link
Mumtaaz Viane Link
Tom Sneyders Link

Digital exhibition Link


To all the ones who are helping us on our way.



Nick Ardeel
Heleen Calcoen
Arthur Dekker
Miou Eeckels
RDM Technics
Bram Vanderbeke

KU Leuven – studio Corneel Cannaerts & Michiel Helbig

Petra Goethals
Patrick De Meyer
Lies De Meyer
Robin De Meyer
Guy De Meyer
Marie Jeanne Verschelde
Roger De Meyer